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Serving neighbouring Stratford, Wellesley and Kitchener, Ontario.

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New Hamburg


Nikki is the maker of melodies that keeps our team humming along.

Nikki has been in the optical industry for 10+ years and brings a wealth of knowledge, fashion sense and whimsy to our team. Nikki has a fine eye for detail, which you will notice in seconds of a conversation from frames (especially Lafont) to vintage clothing to anything Jim Henson and her lovely artwork around the office.

Her love of local food is very diverse from the greens of Lorhill Farms to the sweets at Greb’s. A creative genius and an avid lego builder with an “everything is awesome” attitude, Nikki’s love for people is obvious the moment she welcomes you.

What she likes most about her job is the craftsmanship of frames; how they work, how they’re made and how perfect they will be for the right person!


Nick is a Canadian Certified optometric assistant who wears many hats in our office.

We asked Nick to answer some bio questions and he went full throttle. So we present to you his answers word for word: Flying is my favourite hobby and I love getting up as much as I can although this pandemic has hindered this. I also enjoy a leisurely game of hockey, skating on frozen lakes, snowshoeing, hiking and spending time outdoors all year long.

I love my current frames from Ray-Ban. I’ve lived in Kitchener/Waterloo since September 2016 when I moved to the area for school. I’ve worked in New Hamburg since September of 2020. I have two pet bunnies named Wilbur and Winnie. Meme’s Cafe is a gem for a hot bevy, snack or lunch.

I love interacting with patients upon arrival and pretesting. What do I love most about my job? Continuing education and expanding my knowledge and skills every day. “You learn something new every day.”


Our optometric assistant, Nathan aka ReceptioNate makes sure you’re greeted with a smile (although the mask makes it difficult to see his pearly whites).

Other things that make Nathan smile include rare stamps, a girthy novel and smooth jazz on the radio. He’s got the elbows for tennis and thinks that a good pickup game of hockey is just the cat’s meow.

Cloverleaf Foods is the lunch counter that Nathan digs the most and if you’re looking from his recommendation on a new set of peepers, he’s a fan of Ray-Ban’s.


Emily is an avid bibliophile and as our newest optometric assistant, she is eager to help you with your contacts, glasses, appointments or even a great book recommendation.

With a blackbelt in karate and hailing from the East Coast, Emily brings a flair for organization and a great sense of humour to our team. She loves a sweet treat from Meme’s Cafe or Cakr Maker so if you’re looking for some easy brownie points with her, that’s the way to do it. (Pun fully intended and endorsed by Emily.)

Looking for a great new frame? Emily’s go-to is Eco Eyewear.


Jenna may be the only optician with a membership in the BSB army. (Born after 2000? Just google it.) Jenna loves all aspects of her job and enjoys teaching people how to safely touch their eyes during their contact lens instructions. Want to know what show or movie any obscure quote comes from? Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica. Jenna’s your person. A Leafs fan through and through, and a lover of great food, Jenna recommends Cakr Maker, Le On’s or any of the great pizza joints across Wilmot township. Ray Ban and Maui Jim are her go to eyewear collections.


Shannon is a Canadian Certified optometric assistant who you will often find in our pre testing area. She’s a mama of 2 who likes to keep busy with biking and hockey. Much like with kids, you can’t ask her to choose a favourite NHL team- it’s a lock between Boston and Carolina and she loves them equally. Shannon enjoys a good pizza from Pizza Arca but can’t figure out why anyone would sully it with pineapple. She is constantly looking to learn something new because, you know, knowledge is power! If you wanted to pick Shannon’s brain about eyewear, she’d tell you Maui Jim and Tiffany’s are the lines to check out, but don’t ask her to choose between them!


Always looking on the bright side of life is our office manager and optician Nicole. With a decade of experience in hand, she rises to any challenge that comes her way. Nicole balances her work life/home life with a good yoga session and weight training in her home gym. To quote Chris Trager from Parks and Rec “First stop, Motivation station!”. Her family is her first love, and Nicole is always there to motivate and help those around her. She is always looking for new opportunities to shop locally and currently has a knit fascination with local artist Chronicles of Yarnia and her top picks for frame would be Lafont and Modo!


Susan, our resident Octoberfest guru, is the optometric assistant who gets you to your specialists appointments with all the right info. A former registered nurse and proud member of the Schwaben club, Susan adores spending time with her children and grandchildren, cooking and gardening and doing just about everything under the sun! Looking for a bite to eat? Susan recommends the Scran and Dram or a sweet treat from Cakr Maker. And her eyewear lines of choice are Modo and Lafont. (something in german)


Cindy is another of our optometric assistants with the East Coast flair, b’y. She loves helping those around her and honestly, it shows. Providing patients with the best care she can makes her day brighter and in turn, brightens ours too! Cindy may be pint sized but she has energy for days! You can often find her walking the neighborhood with friends, hiking the nearby trails with family and enjoying many a good book solo in front of her fireplace. Cindy’s eyewear collection is vast but she often singles out OGI as her favourite frame line.


Daryl is our front clinic supervisor and lead pre test technician extraordinaire. Say that 5 times fast! Daryl keeps things running smoothly in our front clinic and makes sure that you are as comfortable as possible when checking your pressures with that little puff of air. She loves the great outdoors and camping the good ol’ fashioned way with a good pair of Oakley’s on hand. And you’d if there’s a horse show in town, you know Daryl’s going to be there! One of her favourite local businesses is the Lancaster Smokehouse in Waterloo and if you’re there, look for Daryl. She’ll be the one wearing a glam pair of Tiffany’s.