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Serving neighbouring Stratford, Wellesley and Kitchener, Ontario.
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Jenna (She/Her) R.O.

Jenna (She/Her) R.O.
Registered Optician

Jenna may be the only optician with a membership in the BSB army. (Born after 2000? Just google it.) Jenna loves all aspects of her job and enjoys teaching people how to safely touch their eyes during their contact lens instructions. Want to know what show or movie any obscure quote comes from? Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica. Jenna’s your person. A Leafs fan through and through, and a lover of great food, Jenna recommends Cakr Maker, Le On’s or any of the great pizza joints across Wilmot township. Ray Ban and Maui Jim are her go to eyewear collections.