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My son was referred for vision therapy at KW NeuroVision. Our experience has been excellent. Reena was wonderful, patient and encouraging with our 6yr old.
3 months ago
- Heather T.
I wanted to say thank you to Dr. Hannington for the top notch care I received during my regular check up. In the spring Dr. Hannington checked my right retina and referred me to Dr. McCuaig. I was diagnosed with retinoschesis and was referred to Dr. Iqbal who performed laser surgery on me to resolve this and ensure my eye sight for years to come. This all happened within 10 days - which in this day and age of wait times brought me a lot of hope. Dolman's investment in a new retina scanner was part of the reason for my diagnosis so thank you for this as well. I won't be going anywhere else ever again. Thank you for your excellent care! And thank you Dr. Hannington for taking a deeper look!
4 days ago
- Ryan P.
I did vision therapy here while I was in university and I was pleased with the progress I made. The staff are also very friendly and wait times aren't too bad.
3 months ago
- Aidan C.
The staff and doctors are so friendly, knowledgeable and kind, and always make me feel very cared about.. even when it's clearly busy in the clinic I never feel rushed along through the visit, and my questions and concerns are always treated with utmost respect. You can tell it's a wonderful workplace because there's always a great balance of staff who have been there for many years, but always some new faces too as the practice continues to grow and take on new patients as the community grows too! Dr. Dolman is *so* patient and kind and just has a wonderfully pleasant demeanour about him, as do *all* of the doctors/technicians there that I've ever dealt with. They have so much respect and love for their local community and patients, as well as very advanced optometrical technologies, that I have no hesitation totally entrusting them with my eye care and recommending that everyone else do the same. I really can't say enough good things about this place, I've been going all my life and can't imagine ever going elsewhere no matter where I live 🙂
1 month ago
- Denise B.
I had a very pleasant experience at Dolman’s and Dr. Richard Bean is wonderful. Thank you for your help and kindness.
1 month ago
- sandy n.
I have nothing but great things to say about KW Neurovision. As an adult they helped diagnose a reading difficulty I had my whole life which made reading an arduous task. I wish I found KW Neurovision earlier – it would have made my educational journey so much easier. Many of my elementary and high school teachers did not think I had a reading difficulty because I was top of my class but having this undiagnosed reading difficulty meant that to get the same high grades as my classmates, it took hours longer. In the vision therapy program, it was specialized to my visual difficulties and Dr. Dolman and Reena were always trying to push my visual system to its potential by coming up with new fun exercises that would slowly challenge me. Dr. Dolman and Reena are very knowledgeable, patient, kind, and caring to my concerns. I would highly recommend going to KW Neurovision, the visual system impacts many aspects of your life, not just visual, and KW Neurovision is committed to reaching your potential.
8 months ago
- Larissa W.
I worked with Dr Dolman and my vision therapist Reena for the last 6 months after experiencing post concussion symptoms. After months of working together I was able to see significant improvement in my vision. Reena was great about modifying my homework when I went through more challenging times with symptoms. She was able to meet me where I was at and strategically create weekly programs that slowly but surely moved the needle forward. Dr Dolman has an incredible amount of knowledge around how our vision can affect other of our lives (in my case dizzinesss and balance issues) She has a gentle “bed-side” manner, shows empathy and makes you feel seen and heard, which is so needed for a patient who’s been struggling for a long time. Thank you so much for the care you’ve given me over the last 6 months.
11 months ago
- Kim H.