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I can’t begin to say enough positive things about the KW NeuroVision program! After suffering from a concussion that left me a shell of my old self, KW NeuroVision gave me my life back!! I wasn’t able to work, drive, exercise or even go for a walk without feeling severe symptoms. Being a very independent and extremely active person to feeling like I couldn’t leave the house on my own, with no signs of improvement was extremely frustrating. It wasn’t until I saw Dr.Dolman and her vision therapist’s Reena and Karen that things started to improve. They explained that due to my concussion my brain and eyes were no longer functioning together in the normal way and this is what was causing my symptoms. To know that what I was feeling was normal for a concussion patient and that there was treatment available to correct my brain/eye imbalance gave me hope that I could function normal again. They set up a daily program with weekly office visits to monitor my progress. We started at the very basics and gradually over time progressed to advanced eye therapy. I will be the first to tell you that results do not come overnight but slowly over time. Eye exercises you struggle with one week become easier the next but most importantly the symptoms you once felt on a daily basis eventually disappear. I can’t thank Dr.Dolman, Reena and Karen enough for their knowledge, patience and kindness. Thanks to them I have my life back!!! THANK YOU KW NEUROVISION!!
- Julie R.
We've loved our time at K-W Neurovision! My son had benefitted tremendously from all the skills he's learned. Although my son has excellent vision, he was struggling to read because his eyes and brain weren't communicating well. The staff are all very kind and knowledgeable, and they go to great lengths to tailor the program for the individual. Because of this program, he's now reading like a champ! A special shout out to Reena for being patient and kind with my son, and helping him achieve so many of his reading goals!
- Lisa D.
everyone was so friendly and helpful. really loved my time here and saw amazing progress!
- Maggie W.
I simply thought I needed glasses so I saw Dr. Dolman. Within a few moment of our appointment he noticed something serious was going on and got on the phone to a specialist colleague who agreed to see me right away, Turns out it was acute eye closure glaucoma and my eye pressure was above 40 the specialist performed a laser procedure the same day and sat with me until the pressure went down Dr Dolman's quick action saved my vision. I highly recommend Thank you Dr. Dolman
- natalie c.
I’ve been a patient at Dolman’s since a child. I have moved away on and off, and experienced other places of eye care, but Dolman’s continues to be the best care and service! And now my own family gets to go and be the next generation receiving such great care!
- Kate E.
My wife got new glasses recently. It was a get experience. Staff was friendly and professional. Good price. Highly recommend this business.
- Salem S.
Will always come back to this eye care center! Been away for 7 years and its like I never left. Always efficient, appointments are on time and Drs and staff are always helpful. Staff member helped me pick out some new sunglasses, took me directly to my favourites and allowed me to try on in a safe (covid friendly) setting. Always a top recommendation!
- Brittany R.