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Vision Therapy Stories

Landon’s Story

Before starting Vision Therapy, Landon was having some struggles that were impacting his success at school. He was behind grade level in reading, his printing was often hard to read, and his teacher described some of his assignments as looking like “a traffic jam” with no organization of cohesion. To top it all off, he suffered from frequent headaches. We had worked hard with Landon at home to try to improve his skills but we weren’t seeing a different just increased frustration on both his part and ours.

Since investing our time into Vision Therapy, Landon has grown tremendously in all his previous areas of struggle while also improving in areas we hadn’t even noticed needed room for improvement. The weekly session and nightly homework activities seemed daunting at first, but after a few weeks, we fell into an easy routine and it just became a regular part of his day. Many of the activities were like games or challenges where he could try to beat his old time or challenge one of his parents. For our active and competitive boy, this was perfect to maintain his interest and motivation.

The therapists he worked with were always positive and patient so Landon grew very comfortable working with them. For anyone considering whether or not Vision Therapy will be worthwhile, I would highly suggest they don’t delay and move forward with it. It was definitely worth the investment to see the improvements and confidence Landon has gained from his Vision Therapy experience.

Cynthia’s Story

Before vision therapy, Cynthia Sullisfd was having problems with the post-concussion syndrome.

I had a minor accident where I hit my head above my left temple resulting in a concussion. I think since the injury was so close to my eye the majority of my symptoms were visual. Severe light sensitivity, especially at night and in fluorescent lighting, and difficulty with peripheral movement. I have also experienced headaches and migraines, anxiety, difficulty sleeping, and balance issues. It has been very challenging for me to integrate back into my career when I work unusual hours and nights in a health care environment.

Initially, after my concussion, I was in physiotherapy in a concussion specialty clinic. The exercises suggested worsened my symptoms. The environment was difficult for me to manage and I often needed days to recover from appointments. I was highly discouraged and after felt blamed for my inability to improve quickly (and on their schedule).

Kim Dolman’s clinic was suggested to me by a former client of hers, and also by my optometrist. Although apprehensive from my previous care experiences, I felt immediately comfortable with Kim and Reena (my vision therapist). The experience was affirming, supportive, and paced to match my exercises with what I could tolerate. I felt capable again. Overall the vision therapy program has amazed me (as a fellow health care provider). It has a philosophy of practice, support of clients and their choices, and excellence in current practice and research.

My improvement has been gradual but progressive. My anxiety has been steadily decreasing, as has my sympathetic nervous system response to most physical exercise is done slowly — hiking, swimming, and cycling.

Although my light and noise sensitivity continues to improve very slowly – I have good hope to see continued progress in my second set of 12 sessions. I fell indebted to Reena especially for her gentle approach and capacity to provide encouragement.

Todd’s Story

Before vision therapy, Todd L. was having problems with pain from reading and focusing.

My vision was thrown off after having a concussion. Vision was not getting better through regular concussion therapy. Reading would trigger massive pain. Light exercise would trigger pain.

Since the program, pain is gone when reading, focusing, and doing normal activities. My vision feels more like it did before my concussion. Doing therapy has gotten me back on track. It has helped in my day to day and has assisted with me getting back to work.