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Specialty Eye Care Services for Kitchener, ON

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We believe that everyone deserves convenient, high quality eye care – for everything related to vision, from basic vision correction to advanced management for ocular disease. In keeping with this mission, our expert eye doctors serve Kitchener, ON, and all surrounding neighborhoods with one-stop shopping for all vision needs.

At Dolman Eyecare Centre, we focus on the big picture of your eye health, which means we take the time to learn about you, any health issues, eye history, and unique vision requirements. When you visit from Kitchener, ON, for an eye exam, we won’t just check your visual acuity and send you home with prescription eyeglasses. We will assess your whole visual system and eye health. Our eye doctors perform through contact lenses eye exams and fitting, manage ocular disease (such as glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, and diabetic retinopathy), and provide full co-management for LASIK, cataract surgery, and other laser eye surgeries.

In addition to primary eye care, we specialize in the following vision services for Kitchener, ON:

Vision Therapy

Sharp vision is made up of a number of skills that depend on a fully functional interaction between your eyes and your brain. In order to hit a ball, tie a bow, or read a page of text, you need your visual system to work efficiently. When one part of your visual system does not function properly, you may suffer from an inability to focus smoothly, poor hand-eye coordination, amblyopia (lazy eye), strabismus, convergence insufficiency, and other challenges. We are proud to have a leading Vision Therapy Specialist on our team, serving Kitchener, ON, with frontline vision therapy for children and adults, and to treat disorders that result from brain injuries.

Ortho-k Lenses

Orthokeratology, better known as ortho-k, describes wearing specialized contact lenses while you sleep, so you can see clearly during the day. Upon awakening, you remove these rigid gas permeable lenses to experience sharp daytime vision, with no need to put on a pair of eyeglasses or contact lenses. Ortho-k allows you to say goodbye to bulky eyeglasses and bothersome contacts. Our Kitchener, ON, eye care patients rave about this revolutionary eyewear that is like a dream come true! Our eye doctors are highly experienced in fitting ortho-k lenses; book a consultation to find out if you are a candidate.

Myopia Control

Does your child’s vision prescription worsen at every yearly eye exam? Are you tired of constantly buying new eyeglasses for your kids? Myopia control can put an end to this continuous vision deterioration. Our eye doctors are highly qualified in myopia control, and we invite you and your child to visit from Kitchener, ON, to benefit from our experience and expertise.

Progressive myopia is not only inconvenient and costly. This condition also puts your child at risk for a broad range of serious and potentially sight-threatening eye problems in the future, such as retinal detachment, glaucoma, cataracts, and macular degeneration. At our Dolman Myopia Control Centre, we provide the greater Kitchener region with effective therapies to slow or stop myopia progression.

Dry Eye Treatment

Dry eyes can lead to a variety of painful symptoms, all of which can interfere with doing the things you love! For example, driving, watching TV, reading, and using a computer or any digital device can be bothersome. While eye irritation caused by dry eyes, such as redness, stinging, and blurry vision, may be similar for many people –– the cause of dry eye is highly individual. In order for our Kitchener eye doctors to determine the most helpful dry eye treatment for you, we will perform a specialized dry eye exam to identify what’s behind your symptoms. If you suffer from dry eye, we can alleviate your painful vision. We are the leading eye care centre for Kitchener and all nearby communities.

Things to See in Kitchener, ON

Kitchener is a beautiful city in Ontario, located about 100 km west of Toronto – modest in reputation, but big in charm and interesting, scenic sites to visit! If you love history, architecture, museums, nature, and parks, you will find plenty to do in Kitchener. Here are some of our favorites:

A Glimpse of Local History

The Joseph Schneider Haus, built in early 19th century, was transformed over time into a recreation museum that gives a clear look at life in Kitchener in the 1850s. Staff in period costume will take you on an interesting tour through the museum. Another landmark house to see is the Homer Watson House & Gallery, which now houses displays of Watson’s artwork, amongst pieces by other local Ontario artists.

Looking for Museums in Kitchener?

Head to the Waterloo Region Museum and its Doon Heritage Village, where you can join a fully-functional community set in the early 1900s. THEMUSEUM is another fun and educational place to take your family in Kitchener, ON. In this popular destination, you can explore the many galleries to view an array of subjects, from dinosaurs to creating animation films.

See the Natural Beauty

Smack in the center of downtown Kitchener is Victoria Park, where you can stroll through landscaped open spaces, eat in the boathouse restaurant, play sports, and attend a number of seasonal festivals throughout the year, such as the Kitchener Blues Festival and the Christmas Fantasy celebration. For an authentic outdoorsy experience, spend a day at the Huron Natural Area, the biggest nature reserve in Kitchener, ON. Walk the hiking or boardwalk trails that run alongside the Strasburg creek and cut through wetlands, forest, and meadows.